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Fantastic article. Thanks. My experience was very similar. I was just a little older, working in an independent music store and I'm 10th grade and got their first album on tape which I also called Triple X. I spread the word an about the band and when their second album came out I had their t-shirt. It was the album cover and I got in trouble in high school for wearing it. I argued that I was studying ancient Greek sculptures of marble sculpture, dudes with their little marble wieners in AP art history class so why couldn't I wear this t-shirt with artwork despite the boobs and ladies with their hair on fire? No dice. A turning point in my life, where I turnef away from the shallow hypocritical institutions such as poorly run high schools. Anyway, enough about me. Great F'ing article! Okay more about me. I saw the first Lollapalooza tour in VA and was fortunate enough to be in the muddy field mosh pit while Body Count was playing. The whole event was awesome. Your article is informative and I enjoyed learning so many details about the band's early days. I'm checking out some of the old bootleg recordings on YouTube. Great stuff, and it's great to have those recordings when the band's catalog is only a few albums.

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