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Hello! I am mariteaux, the person whose post you linked to in this one. Thank you, firstly! I'm a guy, but I appreciate that someone found my post interesting enough to link to and talk about.

It's a shame, because I think that there is talent behind especially the instrument playing, but I just think it's in service of not letting a man who suffered a lot in life rest. He had his time and he made his songs, and I wish people would take their talent and desire and turn it into new works not related to Nirvana. Fanfiction is one thing if it's fictional characters, since they can live forever. If it's a real person? I just find it gross, really. Plus, with how much music is out there, the fact that there's still this much demand for this one specific band (as much as I do love them) is weird to me. I'd rather that attention go to some indie band that's struggling to find people who give a shit now.

I think Kurt would find it all really embarrassing as well, since he never intended anyone else to hear any of that. I can accept it better from WTLO and even Journals to an extent because they're in service of what he actually put out, but Montage of Heck is just showing everyone his doodle sheets and then putting a price tag on it. Exploitative to the highest degree.

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Thanks for weighing in. I agree—time to move on, let Cobain rest, end the exploitation— but beyond that I will let your well-put comments, and my post, speak for themselves without me further editorializing. I wanted readers to see this and come to their own conclusions—or argue of they want. Thanks again for your original post, which was fascinating, and for commenting here. Sorry about my error, too. I fixed that in my post! Cheers

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Another fine and thorough discussion of something I knew nothing about, sir. I was unaware of this fandom, I guess is the word. I've been obsessed with Jimi Hendrix/Mitch Mitchell (RIP) ALMOST at this level since 1968, still a mere child in elementary school, just not to the level of having AI assistance.

Ima have to percolate on this whole AI thing. The idea AI created and performed "in the style of" Nirvana "new" tunes doesn't do much for me...I'll give a listen to your (as always) extensive discography but I'll know his soul and real self wasn't involved.

I'm certainly cool with the idea of folks taking bits and seeing where they can take them, if actual humans are making the music. Even if it's covers of Nirvana or AI assisted development of bits and pieces, as long as there's a soul involved in the actual music making.

I've played covers of tunes off the Bleach and Nirvana albums for decades, and remember the excitement from hearing various tunes the first time, knowing that these guys are gonna be big. So someone taking rare bootleg gigs and covering it bothers me not.

I'm not sure why the AI thing bugs me. In the mid 80's, I began writing songs with sequencers, samplers, and MIDI and all those new concepts at the time that did make it possible compose music by myself and lay down various parts simultaneously. I guess the main difference was I was actually playing the music, or programming the patterns via programs or playing it, so I was the soul involved in the programming, not AI.

I'm glad that so many folks admire Cobain's talent, his songs, their meaning(s) and the immense talent that the entire group had during it's day. So I care not what the fandom does in their appreciation of, and desire to, memorialize his great contributions to rock and roll and life in general by the creation of "new" music and fantasy storylines about what if these guys had lived, what would they have done. If it works for them, they should go for it.

I wonder if there is a fandom group like this for the Beatles?

As always, this is an article I'll return to several if not many times to sample some of the offerings you linked! Keep on writing cool stuff! For a rock trivialogist such as I am, it is gold.

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