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Wow, what an in-depth piece on their early days. The links throughout the piece are greatly appreciated too. Looking forward to hearing the recordings you referenced. I often wonder why they wouldn’t release early live recordings on Bandcamp or another site similar. Would be a great way to celebrate their 25 year anniversary.

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Thanks so much, Eugene. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it and happy to provide music and links. It sounds like they have a lot of goodies in the vault, so hopefully we can hear more of it one day!

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Aaron, thanks for this fantastic piece! I like Calexico well enough over the years, but never fell in love until my wife and I saw them on the Thread tour. We just traveled from Albuquerque to Phoenix to see them last night, and another thrilling show sent me down the rabbit hole today, looking forward articles and info on their earlier years. I'm so glad I found yours -- I'm looking forward to following the links to the various live shows. What you described in the jazz-like interplay of their duo days is exactly what I'm seeking now in my own music -- I'm a drummer and songwriter -- so your evocative descriptions of those shows really moved me.

This also makes me nostalgic for those innocent earlier days of the internet and taper culture. Getting cassettes with photocopied covers like yours in the mail from relative strangers was such a thrill.

I'm off to look up your books. Thanks again. Cheers!

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