Just ran across this post, which is one of the better compiled and detailed accounts recounting the Bradley/Sublime era I've seen, and I look forward to reading more of your writing. Glad you deep dived and dig the recordings we had preserved all those yrs ago...

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Hey Mike, what an awesome surprise your message is. Thanks for writing and for letting me know. Very glad you found my Sublime story. Took me over 6 months to write it! I'm so grateful you and your girlfriend taped their last show. As you can see, that show really moved me. I sure hope we can all see the show footage one day, or if a SBD recording exists would be cool.

I hope you dig some of my other music essays in this series. If you want to blurb this whole series, I'm going to publish it as a book, so please let me know. Happy New Years to you. Wishing you great things in your 2022.

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